It's The News, Bitch! (My Life and Times As An NPR Voice Coach)


 That's the title of my forthcoming book on my adventures on the road coaching public radio reporters, hosts, and announcers for more than two decades.  It includes my techniques, coaching experiences, and stories from the road.  It will be out in 2021. 

My workshop notes. They make sense to me!

Chapter Titles
        • Vocal Dynamics: Pitch, Rhythm, Volume, Tempo
        • Open Your Mouth, Breathe (Now Give Me a Thousand Dollars)
        • Pretending To Care: The News Grind
        • Women, Eat The Mic!
        • (We are) Genius Monkeys
        • Breathing
        • Hostiness™
        • Problem Solving
        • Aircheck Critiques: Developing Your Ear
        • Anchor Ledes: Do They Really Lead Us? 
        • Music Hosts: The One-Minute Masterpiece
        • Vocal Fry Is Not A Menu Item
        • Exercises: Drunk, Laughing, Robot, Alabama, Well, Marilyn...