I cut my comedy teeth on the AIDS crisis in San Francisco.  We needed to laugh.  Gay stand-up was born.  I headlined concerts, clubs, and Pride events in Provincetown, Boston, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Madison, and San Francisco. I performed at the '93  March On Washington.   I starred in the 1st gay stand-up comedy video, "All Out Comedy," and was featured in two books, "A Funny Time To Be Gay," and "Revolutionary Laughter."    I still do sets. Here is my latest. A storytelling gig I do in San Francisco.   

Phoenix Pride 1994

This is a set I did on the closing night of the legendary Purple Onion in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood. 

"Marilyn is so funny, I find myself quoting her jokes long after I've heard them and I start laughing all over again." - Kev Court, Australia

Portland OR 2009                                                                    San Francisco 2010 

  Stagewerx Theatre, San Francisco, 2013           Josie's Cabaret, San Francisco 1992