"It's All The Rage" won Best One-Woman Show at United Solo in New York City in 2011.  Then it ran for 3-months in 2012 at The Marsh in San Francisco, where it was developed.  Directed by David Ford, it is a roller coaster story how I survived my parents' 1997 murder-suicide.  28 scenes in 60 minutes.  Here is me on the radio talking about it. Also, clips and the whole show below. 

"It's All The Rage" show shot, 2012

KQED Radio "Forum" host Rachel Myrow asks me what's funny in the show...and then we hear this clip. 

KQED "Forum" host Rachel Myrow asks me how I survived this tragedy. 

Receiving the Best One-Woman Show Award from United Solo's Omar Sangare, 2011, NYC.

Here is "It's All The Rage" in its entirety.